Promoters Achievements

M/s. R. M. Mohite and Company finds its roots in the year 1966.

Rehabilitation- The group specializes in shifting and reestablishing villages during dam construction. We have successfully completed such projects where in the houses, colonies, schools, community halls, drainage plans, water supply, internal roads, ring roads etc. were constructed and handed over to the concerned.  

Civil Construction- The group has successfully undertaken projects involving Earthwork, Tunnel, and Canal, Hard-rock excavation, Bridge and varied concrete works. The company has also constructed 3 Textile Mills.

Machinery Back-up- Company owns its own fleet of Excavators, Vibrator Rollers, Bull- dozers and Dumpers. Besides, these RCC related machinery like Mixers, Batching plant, Transit Mixers, Wagon drills etc. We own a workshop in over 6 Acres of land complete with all modern equipment facilities for machinery maintenance. We take immense pride in stating that the expertise required for keeping and maintaining all above machinery is also available with trained mechanics and technicians.



 This prestigious irrigation project came under the Krishna Valley.   The project involves construction of an Earthen dam (100.00lakh cu.m.), Tunnel (450 m), Wastweir, ICPO and excavation and masonry work. It is a feather in the hat of the group as our team made a record of Highest Embankment of 33 lakh in a single working season. The project was handed over in the year 2002, in the scheduled period of 3 years. The company’s quality work was appreciated with an “Award for Quality and Excellence” by the Maharashtra State Government.


This project was initially taken up by CIDCO to provide drinking water to New Mumbai area and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust. The work entrusted to the company includes construction of dam of 53 m height, 3124m length and capacity of 7 TMC. The work involved Earthwork (175 lakh cu m), Pitching (10 lakh sq. m), Rock toe (1.25 lakh cu m) and Spillway excavation of (2.00 lakh cu m) in hard strata. Besides this coal grout masonry of 25000 cu m, RCC work of 15000 cu.m and construction of D shape tunnel of 460 m long and RCC lining, RCC intake structure of 43m height complete with gate and approach bridge. The company has successfully completed the Phase 1 part of the work in 2004.

This project in located near Paanchal village in Rajapur District. It is located near Jaitapur. The project work is underway. The scope of the work involves Earthen Dam Construction, Earthwork, Pitching, Rock Toe, Spillway Excavation of hard strata, Coal grout masonry, RCC work, and Bridge, Tunnel and Gate construction.

The company has undertaken and successfully executed and established the basic infrastructure of deported villages of this area. We have coordinated the rehabilitation, shifting and construction of amenities of these villages.
The village houses, colonies, school, community hall and even the temple have been built by us. The water supply and the electricity plan have been executed. The internal roads and even the ring road have been constructed. Even the drainage plan of the same has been foreseen.

The Arjuna Dam project has been thoroughly planned and executed by the Mohite Group itself. No work has been leased out to any sub-contractors or any other company. The construction division has put its heart and soul into this one. This project is a specimen of all modern set up required handling large projects.

The Mohite Group is a leading name in the field of construction for having completed numerous other prestigious projects.

R.C.C. Bridge construction on River Vaibhavwadi in Sindhudurga District.
The work was completed in the year 1972 for State B and C Department.

Medium Irrigation project at Basaapachiwadi, Jath, Sangli.
This work was completed in the year 1980-81.

Bhira Tail Race Hydro-Electric Project at Raigarh.
The work consisted of construction of main forebay dam intake structures and masonry saddles. The earthwork involved was 17 lakh cum and was completed in 1987.

Warana Left Bank Canal of 2.2 km in Sangli.
This canal has been constructed in the year 1990 and forms a part of Warana Project on Warana River.

M.I. Tank at Chorgewadi, Kudal, Sindhudurg. Year 1991-92.

Kasari Medium Irrigation Project, Gelawade, Kolhapur.
The project included the construction of IPO, Earthen dam in gorge portion and construction of K.T. Weir at Saskarwadi.

Kumbhi Dam project in Gaganbawada, Kolhapur.
Construction of Earthen Dam with the Earthwork of main dam from Ch. 927 to Ch. 1344m and excavation for approach and chute channels in the year 1996.

Patgaon Dam project in Bhudargad, Kolhapur.
Construction of Earthen dam on Vedganga River with 330,000 cum of Earthwork.

Jangamhatti Medium Irrigation Project, Changarh, Kolhapur.
Construction on Earthen Dam (32m height and 1120m length), Waste weir, ICPO and approach Tail channels. The project involved earth work of 8.96 lakh cu m and masonry work of about 15000 cu m.

Chitri Medium Irrigation Project in Ajra, Maharashtra.
The work consists of earthwork for main dam (13.50 lakh cu.m), waste weir, ICPO and gorge work.

The company has gained a reliable reputation, global appreciation and unfailing good will in the past 5 decades. The company is growing rapidly and aspires with its fullest capacity to enter into still wider fields of development with the intention of expanding and diversifying into new activities. We intend to expand our wings even more in the near future.

Mohite Agro Farmimg
The group owns a sprawling 100 acres in Vadgaon village, Kolhapur. Fruits such as Mangoes, Pomegranate, Custard Apple, Guava, Papaya, Sapota, Amla and Coconuts are produced commercially. Cash crops like Sugarcane, Soyabean, Marigold, Rice, Wheat, Groundnuts, Turmeric, Jowar, and Pulses fetch splendid returns. The list of vegetables grown in the “Green House” is also vast. Seasonal veggies like Spinach, Ladies finger, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Ginger, Cucumber, Brinjals, Gavari, Bitter gourd, Fenugreek, Coriander, The farm is equipped with latest drip-water technology, sprinkler system and a filtration plant.

Mohite Racing Academy
The group has its owns racing track near Kolhapur.